The Planning and Design company „Euro Alliance Design” was founded in 2007. Its main purpose is for the design and planning of special structures necessary for strengthening of excavation pits, foundations of buildings and facilities, fortification of landslides, grouting works and other geotechnical projects.

In addition another major task is the design of highway tunnels, railroad tunnels and the construction of hydro technical facilities. The company uses state-of-the-art licensed software products for calculations and analysis.

The company offers professional consulting services in special underground and tunnel construction. Evaluation of investment projects and references for their execution in compliance with relevant requirements for construction guidelines. Preparation of quantity bills and proposals in special underground and tunnel construction.

The planning and design is backed by quality engineering supervision.

The company works and collaborates with professional companies for geological, hydro geological and geophysical surveys along with reputable architecture and design firms.

The company has its own team of highly qualified specialists such as: construction engineers, geologists, geodesists, who provide complex design and consulting services. If necessary, we cooperate with our partners in order to cover the entire spectrum of full investment design.