The company / Code of conduct

Code of Conduct –Code of Conduct valid worldwide

As a company, operating throughout Europe, at our organization, the connection of the entrepreneurship activities and the ethical principles is intrinsic and already has long traditions in the history of the company. Therefore we have committed ourselves to ethical behavior and social responsibility. This voluntary commitment is focused on agreements with international validity, including both the “Universal Declaration of the Human Rights” of the United Nations, as well as the basic labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as the principles of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. 

Our actions follow the valid laws and regulations of the countries, where we operate. We pay significant attention to the hones working conditions and equal rights. We make a lasting commitment to manage and treat responsibly the natural resources, significantly contributing to the wellbeing and development of the global society.


We are committed to our social responsibility within our corporate activities worldwide, referred to internationally as „CSR“- Corporate Social Responsibility. This „Social Responsibility Code of Conduct“ (referred to hereinafter as the „CoC“) supports the main line, especially with respect to the working conditions, the social and environmental sustainability, as well as transparency, cooperation and dialogue, involving high level of trust.

The contents of this Code (CoC) are an expression of the basis of our values, defined as vision and mission, and particularly of our conceptual attachment to the social market economy.

This declaration is universally valid with respect to all the subsidiaries of Euro Alliance Engineering JSC worldwide.

1.  Basic understanding of the socially responsible corporate management

In the basis of this Code (CoC) is the basic understanding of the socially responsible corporate management. For Euro Alliance Engineering JSC this means assuming responsibility, taking into consideration the consequences of our corporate decisions and actions in economic, technological, as well as social and environmental aspect and achieves an adequate balance of interests. 

Within its capabilities, Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will voluntarily contribute to the wellbeing and the sustainable development of the global society, everywhere it carries out its business activities. Furthermore, the company is orientated towards the generally valid ethical values and principles, in particular – integrity, honesty and respect of human dignity.

2.  Area of operation  

2.1  This Code (CoC) is applicable to all the subsidiaries, branches, business units and production sites of Euro Alliance Engineering JSC.

2.2  Euro Alliance Engineering JSC undertakes to encourage the observation of this Code (CoC ) also by its suppliers, as well as any other units within the value creation chain, within its capabilities and fields of operation.

3.   Key moments of the socially responsible corporate management

As a result of the above Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will actively strive for the ongoing observation of the values and principles, detailed below.

3.1   Observation of the laws

Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will observe all the valid laws and regulations in the countries, where it operates. In the countries with poor institutional framework, it will carefully check what good entrepreneurship practices must be applied in support of the responsible corporate management.

3.2   Integrity and Organizational Governance

3.2.1  Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will direct its actions, towards generally applicable ethical values and principles, particularly - integrity, honesty,  respect of human dignity, openness and preventing discrimination, based on religion, ideology, sex and ethics.

3.2.2  Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will reject corruption and bribery, according to the respective UN Convention. It will appropriately encourage transparency, unimpeachable operation and responsible governance and control of the Company.

3.2.3  Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will follow honest and recognized business practices and private competition. In its competitive relations, it will level up to the professional behavior and the high quality operation. It will maintain partnering and full of trust relations with the supervisory bodies, adhering to the relevant requirements for operations in conformity with the cartel law.  

3.3   Consumer Interests

Whenever the consumer interests are concerned, Euro Alliance Engineering JSC, will adhere to the provisions, protecting the consumers, as well as the applicable practices of sale, marketing and information. Particular attention will be paid to the groups, needing protection (e.g. protection of youth).

3.4   Communications

Euro Alliance Engineering will communicate with its employees, customers, suppliers and other stake holders, openly and with a focus on the dialogue, in accordance with the requirements of this Code (CoC) and its application. Any and all documents and papers will be prepared in accordance with the obligations, they will be amended loyally and duly destroyed or stored. Any corporate secrets and business information of the partners, will be treated and handled carefully and confidentially.

3.5  Human rights

Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will step forward to support human rights. It will observe the human rights, set out by the UN Human Rights Charter and in particular, those, specified below:

          3.5.1  Privacy

                    Privacy protection.

          3.5.2  Health and safety    

Protection of the health and safety at work, in particular – ensuring the safe and                 healthy working conditions, in order to prevent accidents and injuries.    

          3.5.3  Abuse

Protection of the employees against physical punishment and physical, sexual,  mental and verbal harassment or abuse.

          3.5.4  Freedom of expression

                    Protection and ensuring the right of freedom of expression of opinion.   

3.6  Working conditions

The undersigning Company will follow the basic labor regulations of the International Labor Organization (ILO), as listed below:  

          3.6.1  Child labor

Prohibition of child labor, i.e. the prohibition of work, carried out by individuals      below the age of 15, unless the local legal regulations set a higher JSCe limit or certain exceptions are allowed. 

          3.6.2  Forced labor

                    Prohibition of forced labor of any nature. 

          3.6.3  Remuneration

The working standards, regarding remuneration, in particular the level of remuneration, according to the applicable laws and regulations. 

          3.6.4  Rights of the workers / employees

Respecting workers’ / employees’  right of freedom of association, freedom of meetings and rallies, as well as signing collective agreements and tariff salaries, if legally admissible and possible in the respective country.

          3.6.5  Prohibition of discrimination

                    Treating the male and female employees without any form of discrimination.

3.7   Working hours

Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will observe the working standards, regarding the maximum permissible working hours.

3.8   Environmental Protection

Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will strictly observe the regulations and standards for environmental protection, related to its companies at the relevant locations. Furthermore, it will treat responsibly the natural resources, in accordance with the principles of the Rio Declaration.

3.9   Social commitments

The undersigning Company will contribute to the social and economic development of the country and the region, where it operates and it will encourage the respective voluntary actions and activities of its employees and workers.  

4.      Application and implementation

Euro Alliance Engineering JSC will make all relevant and admissible efforts for the implementation and application of the principles and values, detailed in this Code   (CoC). Upon request and within the reciprocity principle, the contractual partners shall be notified of the most important measures, so that it can be monitored how their adherence is ensured in principle. No corporate or business secrets, related to the competition or any other information, subject to protection, may be disclosed.